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Half Price Wings
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Steak Sandwich
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Half Price Apps
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Wing and Rib Combo
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Back Rib Day at St. Louis
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Sundays Special
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  • Half Price Wings
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  • Wing and Rib Combo
  • Back Rib Day at St. Louis
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Chicken Wings: Ajax

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Which restaurant makes the best chicken wings in Ajax? Here's how to find the best wings in town!
There are a lot of factors that go into making the perfect wings, and the first consideration is the quality of the chicken. Look for a restaurant that has wings or chicken as a specialty, and that raises the bar. Next, great recipes are required -- fantastic marinades are necessary for the best wings. A wide variety of choices is sure to please many types of customers, and the best wings are usually found at an eatery that offers a lot of flavours. For example, one Ajax neighbourhood bar and grill boasts a range of taste sensations, from "Salt and Pepper” to "Hot As Hell”. Flavours are classified as Dry Spice, Slightly Sauced, Saucy, or Very Saucy, and each is rated for heat on a scale of zero to five. This particular restaurant also offers traditional wings, or boneless ones.
Special Deals
Look for various deals on wings, such as "Half-Price Wings Night.” This is a great way to try out various restaurants without breaking the bank! Half-price nights are good times to gather with friends or co-workers. Other restaurants may offer combo deals with ribs and wings, or wings with beer.
You should also check out the extras – for example, one top neighbourhood bar and grill serves a generous portion of signature fries and Famous Garlic Dill Sauce along with orders of chicken wings. And be sure to ask about portions. No one likes a few measly wings in a basket! Some eateries serve wings by the number, others by the pound.
Something for Everyone
You may want to look for a restaurant that offers more than just wings, however. If you plan to socialize with a group of friends, or to take your family out to dinner, you'll want to make sure that there's something on the menu for every taste. For example, it's good to look for a selection of hamburgers, sandwiches, and salads.
One restaurant that specializes in wings also offers a variety of appetizers to choose from, including:
  • Bacon-wrapped, Deep-Fried Mac and Cheese
  • Calamari
  • Deep-Fried Pickles
  • 7th Heaven Layer Dip - NEW

  • Quesadillas
  • Deep South Chicken Flatbread - NEW

A sampler plate, perfect for sharing, is also available.
Important to any dining experience is the atmosphere. Many wings joints boast a relaxed and friendly vibe, along with comfortable chairs and genial staff. And consider whether you might prefer take-out. Often it's easier to stop on the way home and pick up dinner, rather than packing everyone up and heading back out.
Finally, don't bother with the "same-old, same-old” fast food joints; try the up-and-coming 100% proudly Canadian franchises, and neighbourhood bar and grills. You may just discover your new favourite restaurant!
*Some restrictions apply, see restaurants for details.
Which would you prefer?
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